1337x Proxy List to Unblocked Mirror Sites

Torrent websites have always been on the radar of government agencies and for good reason too as torrenting is an illegal process, or at least it is now. Among one of the most popular torrent websites is 1337x.
It is a great website where you can find the torrents of your choices so you can watch the content that they want to. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this website, it offers a great collection of movies, TV shows, and even certain software that one can use to the best of an extent.
Sadly, for the users of this website, it is banned in certain regions of the world due to security reasons due to which the 1337x proxy sites come into play. These 1337x proxy websites simply act as an intermediate between the user and the parent website so the user can easily access the website even if it is banned in your region.
You can also try to access these proxy sites with the use of a suitable VPN to unblock 1337x and to also make sure that you are safe while you enjoy your time on such websites. You can also try to look for alternatives to this website in case you think that this website is not your cup of tea.