Why Can't I Detect my Second Monitor?

A second monitor is a great way to increase productivity or enhance your gaming experience. Apart from that, it also allows the users to access additional workspace for multi-tasking. Sometimes, your Windows PC doesn’t detect the second monitor, and you are left frustrated. If the second monitor is not displaying anything, then you can try these things to resolve it. 
Cannot Detect Second Monitor
If you got no signal on your second monitor, then you should try these things to resolve the issue. 
  • First, you need to confirm that you are using the right cable to connect your monitor. Also, check the cable quality or alignment with the ports. 
  • You can try to disconnect all the accessories plugged into your monitor and then try to connect it again. 
  • Check if the monitor is getting the power and the power button is turned on
  • You should open the settings menu of the monitor and check that the correct input mode is selected in your monitor.
  • You can also try to connect another monitor to check if the issue is with the graphics card
  • You should also upgrade the firmware of the monitor to fix any compatibility issues with the computer. 
  • If there is still ‘second monitor no signal’ then restart the PC to check if the problem is with the computer you are using. 
  • And then go to System settings and force the windows to detect the second PC monitor. If you are using a wireless monitor, then make sure the connection with the PC is sound.