Why Does My Facebook Keep not Responding?

Today there are a number of social media available; among them facebook is one of the leading communication services. There are many interesting features available for them as well as with a friendly interface. 
Important features it has are communication, posts, games, adding life events, sharing our happiness and sadness, adding new friends, getting in contact with our old friends and more fun are available. 
Sometimes, what will happen means an error may occur; ‘ facebook not loading’. There are people who cannot be at peace without using facebook. When this error occurs to them what will happen? So we are here to guide you to get rid of this error. 
Reasons for facebook not responding:
  • The reasons for your facebook for working without error are as follows:
  • When your device has insufficient space.
  • Accumulation of cookies, caches in your PC or in your app. 
  • The Facebook app is not kept updated. 
  • Lack of good internet. 
  • Issues that are related to hardware. 
Resolve Facebook not responding android, PC or any of your devices:
  • Insufficient space on your device can be fixed by deleting unnecessary media or apps. 
  • Clearing cookies and caches in pc is quite simple; just follow these simple steps:
  • Click on the 3 dots (customize and control google chrome) >click settings >on the left side, click privacy and security >now on the right side, click clear browsing data >finally, click clear data.  
  • Update your app from your device’s store.
  • Check out on your internet by speed testing or by playing any videos you can easily find.